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Alesea is your virtual assistant for cable inventory management.
With Alesea, the information about your assets is always available, provided autonomously by the solution. You get real time inventory visibility, actionable notifications and you will know each asset’s location, status, history, usage and handling conditions.

With Alesea, the cable drum transforms from a simple package into an intelligent asset that helps you to improve your operational efficiency.

Alesea relies on a sensored tracking device that includes a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors, and mobile communications. The collected information is presented on an intuitive cloud-based platform that provides insights on how to improve the efficiency of operations.

What ALESEA does for you

Cable Inventory Visibility

Alesea uses smart cable metering to give you an automatically updated inventory overview for all your worksites in real time. You can also see the full history for location and events for every individual asset.

Proactive Stock Planning

Alesea helps you drive inventory efficiency levels by linking cable consumption and usage. It also notifies you about cable shortages, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Security Support

Alesea ensures the security of your goods with an anti-theft solution based on geo-fencing and time-fencing; while the motion, position and environmental sensors allow you to verify that proper cable handling practices are followed.

Transport & Delivery Tracking

Alesea tracks all your deliveries and notifies when the goods arrive. After the cable has been used, you can easily organize return transport for empty drums with your assistant’s help.

Performance Metrics

Alesea provides objective data that you can use to measure and improve operational performance and inventory efficiency. The data is also useful for giving feedback to employees and partners to increase the service quality.

Sustainability report

Alesea optimizes your transport to reduce emissions. On top of that, you can cut down material usage by controlling cable scrap and drum utilization.

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